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New EA 55 Inch Wicked Root Rake Grapple

55 Inch Wick Root Rake Grapple

New 55 Inch Root Rake Grapple

New 55 Inch Wicked Root Rake Grapple by Everything Attachments!

I know it’s not painted but you need to check out the video of this thing. It’s a bit long but it will show you exactly what this thing can do! Ted was using it on a larger sized tractor than what they have rated it for but that was to prove a point. Point Made! He moved brush, logs, pulled down some branches and vines, even picked up some trees with this awesome root grapple. Don’t let the weight fool you because it only weights a tad over 200 pounds but it’s by far the best strength to weight ratio grapple in the industry!

This grapple has a new feature that you won’t see on many if any other grapples and that’s the removable depth gauge runners that you can bolt-on! These runners help strengthen the tines while allowing smaller tractors to easily run the tines through the ground to remove roots and vines without going to deep  in the ground. Each tine has laser cut AR400 serrated teeth for extra gripping and ripping force. As you can see in the video this grapple has an impressive clamping force thanks impart to the large bore hydraulic cylinders.

A few other things to note about this grapple is that the tines have 9″ spacing, the 51″ wide lid opens up to a full 36 inches. Two inch bore x 5″ stroke cylinder pins for longevity.

Universal Quick Attach, Skid Steer Quick Attach, John Deere Quick Attach, and some other pin on loader mounts available with this grapple.

How To Use the New Everything Attachments 55″ Wicked Grapple Rake

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Cultivator VS Garden Bedder

Cultivator vs Garden Bedder



What is a Cultivator?  Lets start off by explaining what a cultivator is and why you would want to use one. Cultivators are basically a device that loosens up soil in preparation of planting seeds. cultivatorsWhile cultivators may come in a few different forms such as a walk-behind or a pull-behind and for this article we’ll stick with the attachment kind that you pull behind a tractor. When preparing land for a garden you want to make sure the soil is loose and easy to manage. By loosening up the soil you allow more air, water, and nutrients to reach deeper in the ground which is perfect for seed growth. Digging up weeds that take away soil nutrients from crops is another benefit of using cultivators.

Cultivators are simple yet effective as there’s not much to them and they are easy to use. Most cultivator designs are similar and sort of a V-shape pattern with C-shaped tines. You can also find some with a straight bar design as well. If you have hard compact soil the V-shaped might offer a little more stability and strength however the tines are just as important.  As you can see on Everything Attachments Single Row Cultivator they use Steel Spring c-tines with high carbon points. The Steel Spring c-tines allows the tines more flexibility and helps to prevent breaks and bending.

Garden Bedders

What is a Garden Bedder also known as Garden Hiller? Now that we got an idea of what cultivators are lets take a look at Garden Bedders. The main purpose of a garden bedder is to create seed beds for planting seeds. Like the Cultivators the Garden betters have a simple design consisting of a steel beam welded onto a 3 point hitch as you can see on the GB50 by Everything Attachment. Garden BedderThe steel beam which can come in a few different sizes ranging from 48″ to 69″ in width each with multiple sets of attachment holes. The attachment holes can be used to adjust the spacing of the discs and tines to create the desired hill/seedbed.

The two angled 14 inch discs create perfect seed hills while the two outside c-tines with shovel points help dig up old roots and weeds.  Heat treated blades that are bolt-on for easy replacement. The dics or hillers use heavy duty ball bearings, a 3/4″ arbor bolt, and have two sealed bearings to keep the dirt out.

Cultivators VS Garden Bedders

Okay so now we know a little bit about both the cultivators and the garden bedders why choose one over the other? While they both work well together if you had to choose one I would think it would be the garden bedder. Technically the garden bedder is a cultivator too and has an advantage over other cultivators as it can cultivate and make seedbeds at the same time. Yes you should really cultivate before using a garden bedder but if you strapped for time and cash then a garden bedder would be a better choice. With that being said if your ground is hard and solid you really need to use a cultivator first or risk damaging your garden bedder. If money isn’t holding you back then you could also consider a Rotary Tiller which would do a better tilling job than both the cultivator and garden bedder. Just remember after tilling you would still want to use the bedder to make those seedbeds!

What are your thoughts? Which do you consider to be more valuable or the go-to attachment?




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New Holland has some new Balers and Forage Tech

New Holland has some new Balers and Forage Tech

New Holland

New Holland shows off their new Big Baler 1290 Plus, the Roll Baler 125, and the Roll Baler 125 Combi round baler. They also introduced their new NIR on board sensor techology for FR Forage Cruiser. The Big Baler 1290 is called big for a reason as it’s their largest square baler on the market. This baler offers the latest tech features including the IntelliCruiseTM technology for tractor ground speed regulation, and SmartFillTM feed flow indicators for even bale formation.

New Holland proved just how productive the Big Baler 1290 can be with a recent demo. The new baler and T7 Heavy Duty tractor produced an impressive 1254 high quality straw bales in 17 hours over 2 days. It maintained a consistent bale shape, weight averaging 434 kg, and length averaging 2.37 m – hour after hour, day after day.

Square bales noNew Holland Roll Baler 125t your thing then check out the Roll Baler 125 and the 125 Combi. The Roll Baler 125 models feature the latest pick-up, which was introduced on the Big Baler and Roll Belt balers. At  2.3 m, it is 300mm wider than the previous model. The five tine bars with double cam drive and the adjustable suspension deliver ultimate feeding capacity and best-in-class pick up efficiency.

The new film wrap system on the Roll Baler 125 Combi (also featured on the Roll Baler 135 Ultra) is unique to New Holland: it has a positive hydraulic feed that can be set to pre-stretch the film to ensure a tight, secure and reliable wrap every time thanks to the bundle arms. The system works with plastic or net with a roller up to 1400mm wide, and three rollers can be carried on board. Wrapper speed is is 20% faster than on previous model, dramatically increasing productivity.

Completing the new and updated baler line up for LAMMA will be New Holland’s  updated Roll-Belt variable chamber baler which features the new IntelliBaleTM system.

New technology will also be on offer. New Holland’s FR Forage Cruiser can now provide improved information on key crop parameters with the new NIR On BoardTM advanced sensor. Crop moisture and nutrient levels, including crude protein, crude fat, starch, Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF), Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF) and ash can now be measured with +/- 2% accuracy. NIR On BoardTM  will be available as an option on new machines.

New Holland tractors will feature heavily on the company’s stand at LAMMA, ranging from the smallest Boomer tractor to the largest fixed chassis T8 SmatTrax.

T5 Tier 4BNew Holland’s T5.120 tractor and winner of Best Utility Tractor of the Year 2017 will be on display at LAMMA. Launched earlier in 2016, the T5 Tier 4B range incorporates a host of new features designed to boost comfort, efficiency and productivity, as well as meet stringent Tier 4B emissions regulations.

Also launched in 2016, visitors will be able to take a closer look at the T6 Tier 4B tractor. The new T6 delivers powerful and highly efficient performance, unmatched operator comfort, improved all-round visibility and exceptional manouverability. The new range offers the ultimate in productivity, tailored to match individual farming operations; it also introduces the New Holland’s sleek new tractor family styling.

The latest Tier4B high power tractors including T7, T7 Heavy Duty and T8 will also be on display, alongside New Holland’s LM telehandler and a selection of equipment from the agricultural construction range.


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John Deere 2230 Field Cultivator and 2330 Mulch Finisher

John Deere 2230 Field Cultivator and 2330 Mulch Finisher

John Deere 2330 Mulch FinisherIt appears John Deere has 2 new attachments they introduced last month, the 2230 Field Cultivator and the 2330 Mulch Finisher. The goal of these two new implements is to help speed up the preparation process for seedbeds. These are next gen secondary tillage attachments designed to work smarter  and more effective with excessive amounts of leftover crops at a speed up to 10 miles per hour! To meet producers needs John Deere extended the working widths and operating speeds along with a number of finishing attachments for those that like that perfect look.

The 2330 Mulch Finisher comes in 9 different sizes to a max of 56.25 feet. With that much width and speed completing those large fields will take no time.

John Deere 2230 Field CultivatorAs for the John Deere 2230 Field Cultivator they redesigned the frame with special tires that are stubble resistant and no maintenance points. With 6 inch split in the middle shank spacing and 200 pounds of trip force the John Deere 2230 Cultivator give an even and consistent ground mixture and residue flow.  Choose between a three section or five section configuration in a good number of sizes that start at 23.5 feet and max out at 60.5 feet in width if you have easy rolling or level ground. However for more hilly type environment they have options ranging from 25.5 feet to 69.5. Thanks to the width, speed, and power of this utility producers can cover an area up to 217 more acres in a 10 hour day compared to previous models.

A few other features that both of these new attachments are equipped with is the John Deere ProFinish Leveling System and 6 rear harrow options. For that easy operation of raising and lowering of the baskets there is the Hydraulically adjustable flat bar or round bar rolling baskets. The exclusive TruSet Tillage technology that allows for more precise depth and down pressure control. With all these new features the driver never needs to leave the cab till the job is done.

For more information on these attachments please check out John Deere’s site.

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Kubota’s New BX80-Series Sub-Compact Diesel Tractor

Kubotas New BX80-Series Sub-Compact Diesel Tractor

At Kubota’s annual dealer meeting in Grapevine, Texas they announced a new Kubota BX80 Series sub-compact diesel tractor. Within this new series includes four new Kubota BX models including the BX1880, BX2380, BX2680, and the BX23S. Kubota is one of todays most reliable and easy to operate tractors on the market. Their unmatched versatility makes them a perfect match for just about any attachment you need and can find at Everything Attachments .

The BX1880 is 18hp, BX2380 is 23hp, and the BX2680 is 25.5hp while they all are equipped with a rollover protection system and conveniently fits through most standard 7ft high garage doors. The BX23S tractor loader – backhoe model also brings 23hp to the table along with it’s superior torque. One of the best things about Kubota BX series sub compact diesel tractors are the liquid cooled 3 cylinder engines that not only provides ample power but are more fuel efficient.


BX80 Tractor Loader Implements & Attachments 
The new BX80-Series makes it easier than ever to attach the complete line of tools and implements. The LA344 Swift-Tach loader, offered for the BX1880, BX2380 and BX2680, and the LA340 Swift-Tach loader for the BX23S, can be removed or attached without the operator leaving the operator’s station.

Operators can use the single lever hydraulic disconnect on the LA340 and LA344 Swift-Tach Loader to disconnect all four hydraulic lines at once. Kubota Swift-Tach Loader’s no-leak grease fitting, with a grease cap that prevents grease from leaking out the side of the pin, will help keep garages, sheds and barns clear from unwanted messes. Flat-faced “no-spill” coupler also helps keep loader storage areas clean when the loader is disconnected. Options on the LA344S and the LA3340S Swift-Tach Loader include a two-lever quick couple, as well as third-function hydraulics, making the front loader even more versatile.

A new 4-point front hitch enables accessories, like blades, brooms and snowblowers to be equipped. A complete line of rear- mounted Land Pride implements, including rear snowblowers, are easily attached with the standard Category I 3-point hitch. All four BX80 tractors include an easy-attach mid-mount mower, available with fine cut or standard cut deck.

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