Ditch Bank Offset Flail Mowers

Looks like there’s a new Flail Mower that is on the market! The Ditch Bank Offset Flail Mower isn’t just another flail mower. This thing uses a hydraulic system that enables you to adjust the position of the mower allowing you to place the mower behind the tractor or completely alongside the tractor!

Mowing banks along the pond or creek just got super easy. Ditch banks can be mowed from the top, bottom, or both depending on the terrain but at any case it’s much easier and safer than riding on the banking. The Phoenix Ditch Bank Flail Mower has a 90 degree up and 65 degree down tilt and quick hitch compatible. There is frontal protection shield to help protect against objects being slung out. Adjustable roller raises and lowers to working height for the desired look.

Other features include a counter knives system inside the shredding chamber, a side parallelogram hydraulic shift, and double parking stand for easy storage and attachment to the tractor.

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  • Monty I could really use one of these for my banking near the road way of my land. Always afraid my lawnmower is going to tip over.

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