Core Plugger VS Alternating Depth Aerator

Core Pluggers vs Alternating Depth Aerators

Core Plugger Vs Alternating Depth Aerators

Core Pluggers VS Alternating Depth Aerators

Spring time is here and if you want that flush green lawn and the best yard in the neighborhood then lawn care is needed. One of the best things you can do for your lawn is to aerate it. By Aerating your lawn you are helping the grass roots get more air and water. Depending on the type of tine you use you can make more space for seeds to grow and loosen up the soil making it easier for water to reach the roots. There are a number of different types of Aerators to choose from such as the drum style which is a basically tines on a cylinder drum. Then you have the independent wheel lawn aerator which are more common because of their durability. You also have the Alternating Depth Aerator which is the focus of this topic.

Spikes or Core Tines

One of the things to consider before aerating your lawn is what type of tines to use, spikes or core tines. Spikes for the most part should only be used if your ground is already very loose and you want to tighten up the soil a bit. The spikes do make holes however they also compact the soil which in most cases you want just the opposite. Core tines are like hallowed out spikes that digs out small plug like chunks of soil hence the name Core Plugger. While this may seem like it messes up the yard at first these are much better for lawns than spikes. By using core tines you are loosening up the soil instead of compacting it. The loosened soil is easier for seeds to root out and get the nutrition they need from the soil.

Alternating Depth AeratorsWhat is an Alternating Depth Aerator

An Alternating Depth Aerator is for the most part just like regular independent wheel lawn aerators / core pluggers with 2 exceptions. The first is that the Alternating depth aerators have twice as many tines and second is that every other tine is offset by 2 1/2 inches. The alternating depth allows seeds to be placed at different depths for optimal seed growth which will ultimately give you a fuller looking lawn. One thing to remember when using an alternating depth aerator is to not go over the same area twice as you don’t want to over aerate and dig up to much of your lawn. The Alternating Depth Aerators are hands down the best aerator you can buy and there’s really no competition.

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  • Jason Ford Well if you have a core plugger I'd keep it because it's not worth upgrading, however if you don't have one and looking to invest in one then definitely go with the alternating depth aerator.

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