Check out this video of the Ditch Bank Flail Mower

All NEW Flail Mower for Tractors GREAT for mowing around ponds, banks, ditches and roadsides!!***Several Sizes***HUGE Free Shipping Zone***NO China Attachments***GET ONE HERE: Posted by Everything Attachments on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 Great for mowing around ponds, banks, ditches and road sides!! Check it out on

Ditch Bank Offset Flail Mowers

Looks like there’s a new Flail Mower that is on the market! The Ditch Bank Offset Flail Mower isn’t just another flail mower. This thing uses a hydraulic system that enables you to adjust the position of the mower allowing you to place the mower behind the tractor or completely alongside the tractor! Mowing banks […]

King Kutter Finish Mower

King Kutter has a really great line of finishing mowers to keep your lawn looking manicured. These finish mowers feature a 40 HP gear box, and free floating hitches to ensure a smooth clean cut that will have your lawn in top shape.