Wicked Root Grapples Getting Stuff Done

200 Pounds of Wicked Wicked 55 is Ultra Light and Ultra Popular! #Kubota #WickedGrappleMore info here: Posted by Everything Attachments on Monday, October 23, 2017 Getting Stuff done with a Wicked 55″ Ultra Light Grapple!

Economy Grapple vs Premium Grapple

This guy goes over the importance of Economy Grapple vs Premium grapples. Check out some Premium Grapples

Awesome Pair of Grapples

Interested in getting a Grapple? Check them out at

Root Rake Grapple

Our version of the root rake style grapple will match up to your tractor perfectly and give you the ability to pull out underground roots and debris. The tines measure 8.5 ” from tip to bar, allowing it to dig deep to leave a clean top soil layer.

Compact Wicked Root Grapple

50 Inches of pure gripping power! The Single Lid Compact Wicked Root Grapple weight less than 300lbs and is one of the top selling grapples for compact tractors. Thanks to serrated teeth like tines this grapple has one hell of a bite. Check it out

XTreme Duty Grapple Bucket

Grapple Bucket combo! If you happen to be undecided on which to get a grapple or a bucket, the XTreme Duty Grapple Bucket also known as a scrap grapple might just be what you need. A solid bottom bucket that uses a universal skid steer quick attach.

Wicked Grapple Rake

Check out the Wicked Grapple Rake for Subcompact Tractors in action! Don’t let the size fool you as this grapple is designed to be a perfect match for subcompact tractors. It’s a Kubota BX’s best friend.

Wicked Root Grapple

Wicked Root Grapple for Large Utility Tractors is built incredibly strong and designed for maximize efficiency and productivity. Talk about an attachment that grabs your attention. The Wicked Root Grapple can grab just about anything.