GB50 Garden Bedder

One of the best Garden Bedders on the market. The GB50 Deluxe by Everything Attachments.  Equipped with both a category I and a category I narrow hitch for sub compact tractors. Heat treated blades that bolt on for easy replacement.

EA Garden Bedder Deluxe

The GB70 Tractor Garden Bedder features 14″ Discs, with Sealed Ball Bearings The Tool Bar is 3/8″ thick steel and 5″ tall, with a 2 1/4″ wrap around the bottom for strength. It has a standard category 1, 3 point clevis type hitch and is Quick Hitch and John Deere™ i-Match™ compatible.

Fred Cain 7 Shank 3 Point Field Cultivator

The Fred Cain 3 Point Field Cultivator, Ripper, Tillage Tool. Chisel Plow, Bermuda Grass Plow, or Field Plow, is a good attachment to break new ground or to tear up the hard pan in the field. The main beams have 1 inch spacing to easily adjust the shank width.