EA Garden Bedder Deluxe

Garden Bedder GB70 Deluxe

The GB70 Tractor Garden Bedder features 14″ Discs, with Sealed Ball Bearings The Tool Bar is 3/8″ thick steel and 5″ tall, with a 2 1/4″ wrap around the bottom for strength. It has a standard category 1, 3 point clevis type hitch and is Quick Hitch and John Deere™ i-Match™ compatible.

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Fred Cain 7 Shank 3 Point Field Cultivator

Fred Cain 7 Shank 3 Point Field Cultivatorntitled

The Fred Cain 3 Point Field Cultivator, Ripper, Tillage Tool. Chisel Plow, Bermuda Grass Plow, or Field Plow, is a good attachment to break new ground or to tear up the hard pan in the field. The main beams have 1 inch spacing to easily adjust the shank width.

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