Box Blades

Land Shark Compact Box Blade

Got a 17-30 HP tractor? If so then check out this super efficient box blade for compact tractors. The Land Shark Compact Box Blade has reversible and replaceable cutting edges to get that maximum use out of on top of them being American made.

XTreme Duty Box Blade

This hefty box blade has a hinged back. Crafted with 3/8″ thick steel and welded together for maximum strength. The curved back on the box blade forces the dirt to roll over and helps fill up the cavity for better performance, and is 1/4″ thick steel. The floating tailgate can be bolted into a fixed […]

XTreme Duty Compact Box Blade

Looking for that perfect size box blade for that compact tractor? Check out the XTreme Duty Compact Tractor Box Blade which is designed to fit and preform perfectly on a standard Category 1, subcompact and compact tractors up to around 35 horsepower.