Core Plugger

Also known as Independent Wheel Lawn Aerator. The key to a beautiful lawn is proper aeration. Without proper aeration to prevent compaction, grass can’t spread its roots into the soil. A core aerator will pull out cores of soil, and allow the ground to decompress to fill in the holes. The holes also allow grass seed […]

Drum Style Lawn Aerator

Looking for a sand filled drum style aerators? The new and improved aerator from Everything Attachments with 3 to 4 inch plugs might just be what you are looking for. Pre filled and sealed with play sand make it heavier than a water filled pluggers.

AgriMetal Turf Aerator Core Plugger

The AgriMetal Turf Aerator Core Plugger perfect for aerating lawns and giving grass the air it needs to thrive and nourish to give it that nice green look. 8 tines per wheel with a 4 inch coring depth.

Alternating Depth Aerator

Independent Wheel Lawn Aerator With Alternating Depth Tines. This lawn aerator also known as a lawn plugger is one of the best. The alternating depth of the tines is what makes this tractor attachment a yards best friend. Deep holes for nutrition and shallow holes for grass seed.